« Carole G , is the first kind and caring cosmetic brand Made in France. It was born from my desire to offer  you a real moment of enchantment and optimal results through high quality product inspired by prestigious flowers. My wish: to create for you, the symbiosis of unprecedented sensory experience and a high tech natural formulation concentrated cocktail of assets with 0% addition of toxic ingredients.»




At the heart of the Cosmetic Valley, Carole Geraci has reviewed in the laboratory Carole G, all the principles of conventional, biological and ecological cosmetics’.

Our  team of professionals (care experts, engineers and doctors in toxicology) are concerned about the quality of products sold, the information and the service provided, which contribute to the creation of this new brand.

Years of research have resulted in the creation of a range of multisensory products, providing a feeling of emotional well-being and physical developer of true beauty.

It is in a refined setting, the evocative softness of the caress of the petal, as creams and serums are preserved from the air through an airless “under-glass” system. These choices fit the will of the brand to combine luxury and sustainable development.



Our first and original idea is to offer a unique style of formulations and treatments ECO-CHIC, HEALTHY and HIGH TECH.

Sensorial textures and subtle fragrances

Highly natural formulas

Multi active ingredients

for High Tech and effective skin care.

In our products, 0% of Toxic suspected ingredients. That is to say the 13 families of contested substances (list in the second page and also
available for consultation on the www.caroleG-cosmetic.com site)



In this signature line the precious elixirs that express themselves stem from the Rose, the Peony, the Orchid, the Lily, the Nasturtium…
We have selected the purest active molecules in the heart of the flowers’ cells.

> Poly-sensorial care : a sensation of revealing emotional and physical well-being for a real sense of beauty.
> Balance between the highly concentrated and naturally active ingredients for an optimal result:
Highly concentrated active ingredients: assets in the proved efficiency integrated into maximal dose.
Naturally active Ingredients: oil and organic plant butters for an excellent quality of care