Our Story

“After 10 years in the service of conventional cosmetics in large French groups, then 12 years in my own research laboratory in order to develop a new generation of natural cosmetics, I am proud of the work accomplished by our teams to achieve this.


This is a new generation that represents a sustainable future in which our values ​​and commitments are upheld. Our mission is to offer you excellent natural cosmetics without suspicious ingredients. Our goal is to ensure your well-being and that of our planet.


Thus, this first line of care, formulated in the spirit of "dermal floratherapy" and our innovations of "alcohol-free perfumes" will sublimate your skin and your daily life in all benevolence.



- Carole G

Dermal floratherapy is the use in our care of the proven dermo-cosmetic powers of flowers. Our active flower concentrates come from 100% French crops without pesticides. These exceptional elixirs, resulting from a patented technique, are instilled in our products to create FACE TREATMENTS highly concentrated in active ingredients with proven effectiveness. In order to give our treatments an increased affinity with the skin, we have composed them of more than 97% of ingredients of natural origin allowing a more in-depth action and the guarantee of spectacular and lasting results.


The olfactory peculiarities of ALCOHOL-FREE PERFUMES and BODY TREATMENTS arise from the essentials of flowers and carry in them the soothing, balancing or sublimating powers of our emotions.


Each fragrance is deposited in a scented veil on your skin and envelops you in a wake in symbiosis with your sensitivity of the moment.

Our Formulations & Our Factory

We always favor French ingredients when they exist and organic and sustainable agriculture. All our formulations are processed in France in the heart of Perche in our own cosmetics laboratory.

Our formulation experts give free rein to their creativity and carefully choose the most beautiful materials. Any suspect ingredient is immediately ruled out.

Our production unit is located on the same site as our research laboratory. This is an extraordinary asset that allows us to manufacture small series as orders arise. Waste is thus limited and the customer always uses freshly made products.

Also, controlling all operations on the same site contributes to local economic development and limits the carbon footprint.


100% of flower assets have proven dermo-cosmetic power

100% of our products are developed and manufactured in France

95% to 99% naturalness guaranteed

0% silicones, suspect ingredients, mineral oils

0% alcohol in our perfumes

Nb: The only integrated synthetic ingredients ensure good conservation and stability and therefore your safety. They are guaranteed not to be suspect.