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Carole G - Prestigious Orchid Collection

"Inspired by 5 flowers - Prestigious Orchid, Royal Nasturtium, Delicious Rose, Virtuous Peony and Majestic Lily -, the line of Carole G signature products combines polysensoriality, high technology, efficiency and naturalness in an unprecedented way.

For this collection, the designer Carole Géraci signs a beauty ritual 100% dedicated to her care which offers an experience of well-being while providing optimal care [...] "

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Carole G

"Providing moments of well-being, while delivering optimal skin care with 0% addition of toxic ingredients: this is the promise of the new eco-chic cosmetics brand Carole G.

Passionate about cosmetics while looking for excellence and benevolence [...] "

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Carole G, the new eco-chic cosmetics

"The Carole G brand was born from the desire of the designer, Carole Geraci, to design a line of high-end very natural cosmetics made in France that provides a feeling of well-being while delivering optimal care to the skin. Inspired by flowers. prestigious, the product line is very concentrated in natural active ingredients with 0% addition of controversial ingredients such as parabens [...] "


Carole G - benevolent cosmetics

"Discover beauty products that are good for you!

Carole G is a young brand of benevolent cosmetics. Concerned about respecting the balance of the skin and the environment, after many years of research, a range of products was born.

The major asset of the brand lies in the composition [...] "


Carole G - finally effective natural care

"At a time when green cosmetics has not yet acquired its letters of nobility, the Carole G brand allows us to no longer choose between efficiency, luxury and natural well-being. An innovation made possible thanks to the perseverance of its designer, Carole Geraci, who after no less than 8 years of research is launching her first “Signature” skincare collection "